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About India Hood: Your Gateway to the Vibrant Bengali Newsosphere
India Hood is more than just a news portal; it’s a bridge connecting you to the heart of Bengali culture and the pulse of West Bengal. We’re a team of passionate storytellers, writers, and tech whizzes driven by a single mission: to bring you the most accurate, unbiased, and engaging news in your native language.

Our Bengal-ness is not just a tagline; it’s woven into the fabric of our being. We understand the nuances of Bengali humor, the depth of its emotions, and the complexities of its socio-political landscape. This insider knowledge allows us to curate news that resonates with you, not just informs you.

But we’re not afraid to think beyond borders. We bring you stories from across India and the world, with a Bengali lens. We believe that understanding the wider context is crucial to making sense of local happenings. So, whether it’s the latest political developments in Delhi or a heartwarming human interest story from Dhaka, you’ll find it all on India Hood.
We believe that every voice matters, and our platform is a safe space for diverse perspectives to be heard. We feature articles from established journalists, up-and-coming writers, and citizen journalists, ensuring a rich tapestry of viewpoints. We don’t shy away from critical issues, but we do so with respect and sensitivity, always keeping the best interests of Bengal at heart.


Beyond News, a Celebration of Culture

India Hood is not just about news; it’s a celebration of all things Bengali. We feature articles on art, literature, music, cinema, and food, showcasing the vibrant tapestry of Bengali culture. We believe that understanding our heritage is essential for shaping our future.

Technology with a Human Touch

We’re tech-savvy, but we never forget the human element. We use cutting-edge technology to deliver news quickly and efficiently, but we also understand the importance of storytelling. Our user-friendly website and app make it easy for you to stay connected with Bengal, no matter where you are in the world.

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We hope this “About Us” page gives you a glimpse into the soul of India Hood. We’re not just a news portal; we’re your window to Bengal, your platform for expression, and your bridge to the world.

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