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Indiahood is a purely dedicated Bengali entertainment news portal that mainly focuses Bollywood, Tollywood, Gossip, Actor, Actress and many ore topics. Our aim is to provide genuine authentic news to entertain the Indians.

According to us, the world is full of information. There are billions of information transferred every day. Every day you also read much of this information in the form of News, blogs, media, etc. Here at our Indiahood we made this information entertaining and available to you. We present you this information in the form of blog posts. We are a team of creative writers and some highly educated people who consistently work on getting important news and publishing on our website.

Our content is a mixture of important news as well as informative content which you should know. We love entertainment and so we publish it. In this hard rush life, we usually don’t find time to collect all segment news in one place but here in Indiahood.com we are committed to providing you bunch of information ready to you.

In a very small span of time, we become one of the best news websites in India and around the globe. We provide information/news on several categories like Politics, Sports, Facts, History, Entertainment, Spiritual, Lifestyle and Looks, Business, Economy, and many more. Feeling bored of irritating news? just stay with us…You will enjoy your stay..